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Hey guys, I'm Melissa Jill -- professional photographer and founder of Align Album Design. And I've realized there's a problem in our industry...


EVERYTHING you need to start selling albums FAST.

Album start-up Kit


11 essential tools -- EVERYTHING you'll need. Done for you.


If you want to sell albums, you have to show them to your clients, so a sample album is a MUST. But one of the toughest parts about starting to sell albums is picking the best options for your sample album. We’ve done that for you! We know what is most popular among brides -- A 10x10 custom-designed leather sample album with 15 spreads and your choice of photo cameo or cover text. Done! Here at Align, we offer our own in-house line of physical albums called Align Legacy Books, and they are BEAUTIFUL. All you need to do to get your very own sample is to pick out some of your best photos from your favorite event to date, fill out a short order form, and we will take care of the rest. We’ll design your sample album using YOUR images and our timeless design principles, give you up to 3 rounds of revisions to make it perfect, and then print, bind, and ship it to your studio. At Align we’ve worked with hundreds of album companies, and we’ve done our homework to bring you the highest quality albums for the best value. In this industry you can expect to spend anywhere from $300-$1000 on a sample album. This sample album retails for $316 plus a design cost of $120, so it is very competitively priced. You can feel confident laying it in the hands of your clients while being assured that you can still make a good profit per album.

album pricing guide


We take the guesswork out of pricing. This tool is an exact guide for how to price your albums in order to make $300, $500, or $1,000 additional profit per wedding depending on your business and market. We share pricing suggestions that take all of your hard costs into account -- things like the cost of outsourcing the design, the revision process, and printing your future albums through Align. If you follow our suggestions for pricing and outsourcing, you can make an additional $300-$1000 of profit per wedding with next to no extra work on your part. Your life doesn’t need to change to offer albums to your clients. And our customizable Photoshop pricing guide templates will help you know how to best position albums within your packages.

album website text


To help you communicate the value of this one-of-a-kind product to your clients, we’ve included text you can customize for your website and blog. Use our worksheet to help you develop your own personal “why” that will serve as a compelling way to communicate the value of albums to your clients, and then choose between one of two copy-and-paste text options that effectively overcome the common question of why albums “cost so much” in a non-salesy way.

stock photos of albums


To help you SHOW the value of your new albums on your website and blog, we have included over 180 stock photos of Align Legacy Books. These high res images that Melissa Jill photographed in a bright white studio are ready to drop onto your site, blog, and social media saving you tons of time. NOTE: Every album image you see on this webpage is included in the kit! Every image is beautifully styled and there is SO MUCH variety to choose from -- including flat lays, stacked albums, and lifestyle images with models of varying ethnicities.

album email templates


To help you create a smooth and efficient workflow, we’ve included 8 pages of email templates that will help you clearly communicate with your clients from start to finish throughout their album production process. There are so many details that can potentially fall through the cracks, and these emails are designed to make sure that doesn’t happen. Use these templates to walk your clients through what could be a hairy process in a way that makes YOU look like a pro and leaves THEM raving about your exceptional service!

Templates include: 

  • When a lead inquires about your album options before meeting with you 
  • When the album design is finished and ready for review 
  • How to walk your client through the album revision process 
  • When you need clarification on a client revision comment 
  • When the first round of revisions is finished 
  • When the second round of revisions is finished 
  • Final details needed to order the album 
  • Follow up if you aren’t receiving revisions or an approval from your clients 
  • Deadline email for finalization within six months of the wedding 
  • Expectation management when album order is placed  

*All templates are customized based on whether you’d like to deliver the full gallery of image or the album design first, whether or not you up-sell your albums, and whether you want Align to communicate directly with your clients throughout the revision process or if you prefer to handle that yourself. 

album contract text


To help you manage your clients’ expectations and create a sense of urgency to finalize their albums, we’ve included album-related contract wording that you can paste directly into your contract. 

initial client meeting talking points


Your initial client meetings are THE PLACE to showcase your products and communicate value, so we’ve composed helpful talking points to guide your meetings. Use the guide included in the Start-up Kit to make sure you communicate effectively during this critical window of opportunity. 

album cover swatches


This pack of leather and linen cover swatches is great to have on hand for clients to touch and feel during your initial client meetings.

album sales secrets


This resource is a compilation of everything album expert Melissa Jill has learned through 15 years of experience about how to sell albums effectively. These are things she's learned the hard way, and she's sharing it all. The table of contents is laid out in a way that makes it easy for you to quickly find the answer to any album-related question you have.

Topics include: 

  • How to communicate album value to your client 
  • How to price your albums
  • How many album options to give your client 
  • How to offer parent albums 
  • How to manage client expectations throughout the process 
  • How to shoot with the album in mind 
  • How to pick album images quickly 
  • How to up-sell albums the right way 
  • How to ensure faster album finalization 

start here checklist


Since there is a whole lot included in this kit, we created a “Start Here Checklist” to walk you through every step of implementation. Simply open the Start Here Checklist upon download and follow along to launch your albums.

Album facebook group


You will have access to a private Facebook Group for all of the photographers who have purchased this kit. Learn from those who have gone before you, compare notes, and ask any album-related questions you have, right when they come up. Melissa Jill regularly monitors this group and will be happy to answer any questions you have going forward!


Instead of buying your albums from one company, and designing them with another, and then figuring out communication and pricing yourself – we’re taking all of the steps that photographers normally do with 2 - 4 companies .... and we’re STREAMLINING IT ALL. 

How to know if you're a fit for the Album Start-Up Kit

rhyming is cool - yo

You want to start offering albums to your clients but you're not sure where to start.

You’re at a place in your business where you want to increase your profit without having to find more clients.

You’re ready to start reaching a higher-end client by offering a custom tangible product that you're proud of.

You're busy and feel overwhelmed with the thought of having to figure out an album system.

You'd like to make an extra $300 - $1,000 per wedding by selling albums without added hours of work.

You want your clients to have an incredible experience with you from their first meeting allllll the way through to album delivery, to the point where they give you raving reviews and refer all of their friends.

You understand that time is your most valuable asset as a business owner. 






(Remember -- this includes a custom sample album that retails for $436 PLUS 10 time-tested tools that will save you hours of guesswork!) 

The best part? If you sell ONE album, this kit has paid for itself!

money back guarantee


We believe SO MUCH in the value of this kit, that we are extending a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you download and implement the entire kit – order your sample album, create a page on your website to communicate the value of albums using our stock photos, update your pricing, and share your passion for albums during at least one in-person sales meeting within the first 60 days after placing your order, and in good faith tell us the Album Start-Up Kit has not done its job, we’ll refund you the cost of the kit less the value of the custom physical album (refund amount would come to $334). Because if you implement the kit, this kit will work. 



I don't think I have time for this? 

The Album Start-Up Kit is THE SOLUTION for the busy photographer. But it WILL take some time for you to implement. We estimate it will take 4-5 hours total for you to get your album system launched using our kit. But you don’t need to do it all in one sitting! In fact, we recommend breaking up the task into smaller chunks. And we’ve helped you to do so through our “Start Here Checklist” that will walk you through each step of implementation. Most steps involve a few decisions on your part and copying and pasting content into various existing assets that you have – your website, your contract, your email program, etc. In exchange for 4-5 hours of your time up front, you will have the opportunity to make an additional $300 - $1,000 of pure profit per wedding (depending on how you choose to structure your pricing). And the great thing is – you will have very minimal work to do on an ongoing basis to produce your clients’ albums. Design, printing and binding, and even client communication throughout the revision process can be handled by Align (and is factored into your hard costs before profit). It’s up to you to decide if you have time. We understand the cost vs. reward decision weighing that must be done by busy photographers who don’t have a lot of time. But we’ve done everything in our power to simplify this process that could take hundreds of hours into the most efficient and profitable model possible. 

Is this just for wedding photographers? 

Absolutely not! This Start-Up Kit is for any professional photographer who would like to make album sales a part of their business model. At Align, the large majority of our clients shoot weddings, but we also consistently design and print albums for family portrait photographers, boudoir photographers, and event photographers alike. Much of the wording, and even the pricing structure we propose does have wedding photographers specifically in mind, but everything can be transposed and used for other photo genres.  

What if I’m not sure if I’m at the point in my business where I’m ready to start offering albums? What if I’m not sure my clients are interested in albums or would be willing to pay for one? 

It’s possible you’re not. If you’re brand new, are still working on defining your style as a photographer, and don’t yet have an established website, then it may be wise for you to focus on other aspects of growing your business. This kit is ideal for photographers who are in years 2-5 of their businesses where they’ve been shooting for awhile and are ready to take things to the next level in terms of becoming more profitable.  

Now, not being sure if your clients are INTERESTED IN ALBUMS or would be WILLING TO PAY FOR ONE is another issue altogether. Many photographers mistakenly feel that their clients are not interested in albums when the reality is that the photographers’ lack of passion and communication is really the issue. We’ve heard this story over and over again from Align clients who once thought that their clients didn’t want albums. After they started offering them and communicating their passion for them, album sales started going crazy. Remember, clients are waiting on us to lead them in this unfamiliar journey. If you take the step to SHOW a beautiful album and you prioritize albums in your offerings, you might be surprised to learn that your clients really DO want an album and are willing to pay for one! And equipping you to do JUST THAT is EXACTLY what the Album Start-Up Kit was designed to do! 

I am hesitant as to whether the kit is the right fit for me based on what I currently charge for wedding photography. In my area the average budget for photography is $2,500 - $3,000. Can I include an album in my packages and still make a profit?  

This is a great question! It can be hard to imagine how to structure your pricing to be able to offer albums when you have never done so before. But we walk you through how to do this for ANY PRICE RANGE in the Pricing Guide included in the kit! Here’s a preview to put you at ease and reassure you that this kit can work for you with your current pricing:  

If you price a 10x10 leather Align Legacy Book with 15 spreads (the specs of the sample album that comes with your kit) for your clients at $850, you will make $300 pure profit. That’s not a lot, but remember -- you’re not doing much work to make that $300 since you would be outsourcing to Align. Does an $850 album credit sound like something you would feel comfortable including in your packages for where you’re at now? You would of course have the opportunity to raise this over time to make more profit, but we all have to start somewhere with albums.  

The other option would be to choose a less expensive album to be your sample. You could do as few as 10 spreads, and do a linen cover rather than leather, and that would bring your cost on future client albums down, meaning you could price them even lower than $850 if you so choose (or price them at $850 but make more than $300 profit). You can play with the options for various album specs using our pricing calculator at the bottom of this page. 

This kit looks great and all, but why would I purchase it if I can do all this myself? 

You are absolutely welcome to do it all yourself. That’s what Melissa Jill did. But it took her well over 400 hours and 15 years of experience to gain the knowledge and implement everything that is wrapped up and tied with a bow in this kit. This product is not for someone who wants to build their own car and repair it themselves. This is for the person who wants to turn the key and have it run. For someone who understands that time is our most valuable asset as a business owner.  

I’m kind of a control freak and was thinking I would design my albums myself. Can I purchase this kit and still do my own designs? 

This is a great question, and actually WE GET IT. Our businesses are our babies and we want to put our personal stamp on everything we do. We will never fault you for that. That’s why at Align, we offer a very customized service for each photographer we work with. We offer three design styles, but we regularly customize those even further for each individual studio we work with. We LOVE your feedback and welcome you sending examples of the type of design styles you love. We can customize for almost all requests, but unfortunately, this kit is not well suited for those photographers who want to design their own albums. Align Legacy Books can only be ordered by photographers who also outsource their design to Align. We do not currently have a way for you to send in your own designs and have them printed.  

But if you were thinking you were going to do your designs yourself, we would encourage you to consider this: Do you already feel busy and overwhelmed? Do you have more ideas that you have time to implement to make your business grow? Do you really want to spend MORE TIME behind a computer? The most successful people outsource nearly everything that doesn't play to their strengths. Or that they simply don't HAVE to do themselves. If you really want to do your own designs, then the Album Start-Up Kit is not for you. But if you are just scared of letting go of control and losing your desired aesthetic, we’d encourage you to give us a chance. We feel confident we can help you attain the look you want AND free up your time. 

How does Align’s album design workflow work for my future orders for clients?  

To find out EVERYTHING you would ever want to know about how Align works, click here to check out the FAQ page on our website. But here is a general idea of what to expect when outsourcing future designs to Align: 

1. Pay a $75.00 deposit toward your album design at the time of your order. The remainder will be billed after your design is finalized or at the three month mark, whichever comes first! Total cost for the design is an $8/spread ($4/page) flat rate that includes up to 3 rounds of revisions. 

2. Send us up to 300 images for the design using one of our suggested delivery methods

3. Receive an email within 4 business days with a link to view your design online. Using our online proofing system, leave revision comments on each spread. Revisions will be made within 2 business days per round. You get a total of up to 3 rounds of revisions (which can be used by either you and/or your clients) included in the cost of the design. Standard communication during revision is between the photographer and designer, but if you’d like us to communicate directly with your clients, we can do that using our “Hands-Off Service” for a nominal fee of $10 per album design. Regardless of which option you use, your client will never see our branding and they don’t need to know that you are outsourcing unless you want them to.

4. Finalize the album design, pay for the balance and order your Align Legacy Book when we send you a “print confirmation page” and you’re done! You can have the printed album shipped to you or straight to your client! 

After purchase what happens? 

We will email you access to download all 11 tools included in the Album Start-Up Kit within 24 hours. Make sure to whitelist and as accepted senders so that our emails don’t get stuck in your spam filter or junk folder. Then make sure to save that delivery email for future reference! As soon as you download the kit, open up the “Start Here Checklist” first thing and it will walk you through your next steps. The very first step we will walk you through is how to order your sample album through Align. You will want to do that ASAP since it will take a few weeks to produce and get that back to you. Then you can work on completing the remaining steps of implementation as your time permits. We will email you somewhat regularly through the first couple months after purchase to check in and see how things are going and to find out if there’s anything we can do to assist you with getting your album system set up. And don’t forget – you also have access to our exclusive Facebook Group for all Start-Up Kit users! You won’t be alone as you walk this journey. As soon as you purchase the kit, you will have an instant community of people interested in helping you succeed! 

Do you offer refunds? 

We believe SO MUCH in the value of this kit, that we are extending a 60-day money-back guarantee.  

If you download and implement the entire kit – order your sample album, create a page on your website to communicate the value of albums using our stock photos, update your pricing, and share your passion for albums during at least one in-person sales meeting within the first 60 days after placing your order, and you don’t feel like the Album Start-Up Kit has done it’s job, we’ll refund you the cost of the kit less the value of the custom physical album (refund amount would come to $334). Because if you implement the kit, this kit will work. 

This kit is a lot of money and I’m on a limited budget. How do I know it will be worth it? 

Brilliant question! So here’s the thing – In this industry you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 - $1,000 on a sample album. If you were to purchase the exact sample album that is included in this kit a la carte through Align’s site, it would cost you $461 all inclusive of the design, revisions, printing and binding, and shipping costs. The swatch kit costs $15 retail. You’re approaching $500 of costs that you will likely pay through any album company you choose to use just to get a sample album that you really must have to start selling albums. The Album Start-Up Kit is $795. So you’re getting 9 more tools that will save you hundreds of hours of work for right around $300. Close to 200 stock photos, pricing guidance, website, contract and email text, and the list goes on! We’re practically giving this away because we want you to succeed! We understand that there are a lot of costs associated with being a photographer and business owner. And you don’t spend this kind of money lightly. But if you sell only ONE ALBUM as a result of implementing this kit, it will have paid for itself. Everything beyond that is pure profit.  

I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to Align Legacy Books and using Align Album Design as an ongoing design service. How do I know for sure up front that we’ll be a good fit?  

Another great question, because purchasing this kit DOES imply that you will be selling Align Legacy Books to your clients and outsourcing your future designs to Align. That’s a HUGE commitment and one we don’t take lightly. And we understand you wouldn’t either. Align Album Design was founded by pro-photographer Melissa Jill to help photographers succeed with albums. To free them up to do what they love. But she understood that Align would be an extension of each photographer’s customer service and brand. So she designed Align with herself in mind. To serve picky, busy photographers whose businesses are their heart and souls.  

We want to work with you and earn your trust. Poke around our website to see what we’re about. Read testimonials from some of our customers below. Feel free to reach out to our client advocates to ask them what their experience with Align has been like. And peruse some of our real client designs on our blog. We have earned the trust of hundreds of photographers industry-wide and we’d love the chance to do the same with you! 

Am I able to get a sample album with different specs – i.e. different size, linen cover, more spreads, etc. – or am I limited to the 10x10 leather covered album with 15 spreads that comes in the kit? 

Sure thing! We want you to have the sample album of your dreams! If the one you want is of equal or lesser value to the one included in the kit, you’re all set! If you want to upgrade to a larger album or more spreads, we will ask you to pay the difference in value at the time your sample order is placed.  

I have more questions, how can I get in touch? 

Feel free to email us at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can! 



Katelyn James

It wasn't until I outsourced to Align that I truly found a rhythm in my post-wedding workflow. I ALWAYS got stuck on the album after each wedding and it negatively affected my productivity, my client's experience and the amount of joy I found in my business! Align FIXED THIS! 

- Katelyn James

I am a HUGE believer in outsourcing. Align has allowed me to remove a big task from my list and I can trust that they will deliver a beautiful design every time. Time is precious and now I have more time for my family or my business!

- Jean Smith

Abby Grace

After my first album with Align in mid-2013, I never even considered going back to designing myself. My clients love how easy and fast the process is too! No more waiting for 3 weeks for me to make each round of corrections. :) I've never had an album process be this smooth before. 

- Abby Grace

Caroline Logan

HALLELUJAH, I have my life back! Before using Align, I found myself nearly wishing that clients wouldn't invest in an album because I knew how time-consuming album design is and how overwhelming back and forth client revisions can be. But now, when clients choose to invest in an album, I'm excited knowing it's a win-win!

- Caroline Logan



Melissa Jill 2
Align Album Design Logo

I’m a photographer who has been shooting weddings for over 15 years. But I remember when I was first starting out and one of my clients asked for an album. I was so busy that I wondered if I had time to figure out an album system. I felt intimidated by the entire process. I spent countless hours researching album companies and design software, then even MORE time designing and redesigning mediocre albums that I wasn’t happy with. I bought things I didn’t need. I frustrated and disappointed my clients. I struggled with pricing. There was a WHOLE LOT of trial and error. 

But I pushed through and to date, I’ve shot over 200 weddings, sold over 100 albums, and made $200,000 on albums alone over the course of my career. That’s why the largest wedding photography conference in the world invited me for a number of years to speak on this very topic. 

In addition, I own the top album design company in the world – Align Album Design. Align serves over 800 photographers around the globe helping them to succeed in their album workflow. 

I don’t say any of this to brag. I share this because I want you to know I’ve lived it. I’ve been where you are and I’ve experienced the frustrations you feel. 

I’ve realized there’s a problem in our industry. Every photographer has to put together their own piecemeal solution for albums. I started thinking, "Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to streamline your album workflow?" 

... And that's how the ALBUM START-UP KIT was born.



Danielle Bacon

As a long time Align client, I was elated to hear about Align Legacy Books. I am absolutely thrilled to offer my clients their stunning fine art books. As a big fan of Align's hands-off design service, I love being able to offer my clients a seamless and amazing album experience from start to finish!

- Danielle Bacon 

Ashley Maton

I LOVE Align Legacy Books! The pages are thick and sturdy, but still lay flat and are bound together beautifully. Real genuine leather really adds to the value of the book. The colors are true to life and the printing quality is truly unmatched. The book just screams high-end and top notch quality.

- Ashley Maton, Bow Tie Collaborative 

Kristen Gardner

My first Align Legacy Book exceeded all of my expectations! The process from start to finish was incredibly efficient, and I love knowing that I’m delivering a high quality heirloom product to my clients. I will definitely use Align for all of my future designs and physical albums!

- Kristen Gardner

Heather Anderson

I love the quality and detail of the Align Legacy Books. And the best part is how easy it is to have my couples’ albums designed, printed and delivered.

- Heather Anderson

Elevate your business to the next level by offering a custom heirloom product to your clients.  

One tool. 

More profit. More freedom.